Parque Nacional Los Alerces - Day 2: Campsite Viejo to Campsite Playa Frances

Epic Camping at Playa Frances and met some badass tandem riders.

We planned this day and many days through the park to take it slow since there was so much to see.  It rained in the morning, so this gave us an excuse to linger around camp until 2pm when it finally cleared.  We only wanted to ride about 15km anyways to the next spot. 

Esquel through Parque Nacional Los Alerces - Day 1

Welcome to Argentina´s National Parks in the Patagonian Andes.  Just like Oregon, don´t you think?

Playa Union to Punto Tombo, Gaimen, and Trelew

Approximately 500,000 of the 1 million Magellenic penguins nest at here at Punto Tombo.  Surrealism at it´s finest....
After our recoup beach day and trip planning day at Play Union, we continued our trek down South on Route 1 to Punto Tombo for the largest Magellenic penguin nesting area in the world.

Puerto Madryn on Down to Playa Union

It's been a while since we have written but a lot has been going on.

After a 20 hour bus ride, we arrived on the East Coast of Patagonia into a beach city called Puerto Madryn.  It's the base for a lot of beaches that provide the best diving and marine life viewing in Argentina. 

"Argentina Profundo" in La Cumbre

Paragliding and a giant gaucho fiesta with our fearless companion Bachi.....La Cumbre was pretty epic.

Thanks Toni for the recommendation to go here, because this was a great side trip from Cordoba! 

Some more great Argentians
I gotta give a props to the Argentians.  You all never cease to impress me with your kindness. 

Nights in Cordoba

On summer weekends, this city sleeps all day and comes alive at night.  The humid, hot air is enough to make a person not want to move.  But at night, the breeze picks up and people hit the streets.

Cosquin Music Festival and Cordoba

Now in the Cordoba region, the Cosquin music festival has been by far one of the biggest highlights of this trip so far.  While taking a bus to the festival, Max, Rebecca (from Boston), and I befriended a local Argentinian woman who had been going to this festival since she was a kid.  She invited us to join her that evening through the clubs that surround the festival with her friends that she had known through dancing excursions.  We gratefully accepted having no idea what we were in store for.

Cafayate Canyon

After being in the City of Salta for a couple days, it was time to do a little adventuring in the canyonlands....

Humahuaca to Tilcara

The Best ride so far....

We rode through multi-colored rock canyons, and past saguaro-like cacti, and the route was downhill most of the way.  If only everyday could be like this one on a ride.


Abra Pampa to Humahuaca

Abra Pampa was an windy old town high up in the Altiplano.  12,000 up there more or less. The landscape is basically desolate desert with bits of shrubby plant life here and there.  The winds in the Altiplano are horendous, so we wanted to get up early to beat the headwinds that tend to kick up heavily in the afternoon.  The hostel we stayed at was one of maybe three in town, and for a Sunday night, the place crazy loud!  So, finally at 1 in the morning, we opted for earplugs and finally got some rest.

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