A few days in Bariloche

It's true that you can't deny that Bariloche is pretty commercial.  And many backpackers give is a bad rap because of this.  But the fact is that there are some pretty amazing things to do and places to stay here as well as many other ways to avoid the city center if you are the kind of traveler that does not enjoy being around tourists.

Camping at Lago Guillelmo to Bariloche

We woke up and went to the lake to make breakfast and the temperatures were really cold. The mountains were so tall that it wasn't until almost 10am that we actually felt the sun hit our face.  We should have stayed in our tent longer that morning, as there was no way we want to pack up camp and filter water in the shaded cold.  We only had a 40 km ride ahead of us so we were not in a tremendous rush.

El Bolson to Stealth Camping at Lago Guillelmo

Lago Guillermo, all to ourselves
So after a nice week of time in El Bolson, it was time to pack up and make our way North on Route 40 to Bariloche.  Everyone and their mother told us we should have been riding North to South, because the ride South to North is UP, UP, UP.  Our friends Jerry and Natalie put it into perspective when they told us when riding a bus from El Bolson to Bariloche, the bus was so warm because the drivers have to turn off the

Backpacking at Puelo Lake

Feb 25 - 28   We are still near El Bolson where we can´t get enough of the great mountains, lakes, and good food.

Day Hike at the Wood Sculpture Forest and Refugio Piltriquitron

I took a solo dayhike East of El Bolson to check a forest of wood sculpture art called the Bosque Tallado.  Here are some of the sculptures:

Earthen Structures and a CSA Farm near El Bolson

We are took a fieldtrip to a farm called Granja Valle Pintado about a week after a large earthen building conference called Biocontruyendo to view the work that had been done and check out the farm.  Thanks again Alex and all of the interns for sharing some of your precious time and food with us and allowing us to look at all the great things happening on the land.


Lake Epuyen to El Bolson

 A beautiful smooth ride North on Route 40

Finally finished with the Ripio - A welcome sign of asphault

This ride was so smooth that we didn´t want to stop and take photos but enjoy the 40km instead.  For the most part the traffic was relatively calm and we usually had access to a 3-foot wide should when there was a lot of traffic. 

Garmin GPX: 

Cholia to Lake Epuyen

More Ripio and Swearing on Route 71

We got a late start the next morning in Cholia.  We did some bike maitenance and tune-up since we were the ripio had been really hard on the bikes.  Ryan´s tires were way out of true, and all of our parts were covered in sand and dust.  After about 11am, we headed out and once again, hit the rough gravel roads.  These were even worse than the day before. 

Garmin GPX: 

Day 4 and 5 - Parque Nacional Los Alerces to Cholia

Day 4 was a day off from biking since Ryan needed to figure out items with Customs about reordering a pannier for the rest of the tour, so he had to town to make some phone calls while I hung out at camp lakeside.

Parque Nacional Los Alerces - Day 3: Camping Playa Frances to Camping Lago Verde

Almost missed the boat!  But we made it barely and had an awesome boat tour and hike through an Alerce old-growth rainforest.



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