Cafayate Canyon

After being in the City of Salta for a couple days, it was time to do a little adventuring in the canyonlands....

I met up with my friend Max from Portland for this part of the trip.  Ryan, being the ultimate trooper, had to stay back and do web site work.  So Max and I rented a car for a two-day trek through the Quebrada de Cafayate (Cafayate Canyon).  Our rental was a nice white 3-door mini hatch back which we named Rusty K, cuz she was one tough bitch that got us through the river-in-the road crossings we had to endure.  We drove about 200 km, mostly on gravel roads, through some of the most epic canyon country I have ever witnessed. 


After about 8 hours of driving and hundreds of photos later, we landed in Cafayate for the night and indulged in some of the sweet white Torrentes wine the region boasts.  A sweet white normally is not my first choice in wine, but this was really good shit.  And I mean that in the most classy way possible.  And of course, it's not a meal in Argentina unless you follow it up with helado, aka ice cream.

The following day, we hiked part of the Rio Colorado.  Being rainy season, the guidebooks advise you to hire a guide, but we thought.....Nah, we´re from Portland, we don´t need no stinking hiking guide.  The guides laughed us off and said they would ¨keep an eye on our car¨ after we told them we wanted to hike solo.  Hopefully we wouldn´t come back to slashed tires.  During hike it became evident that the best decision of the day was wearing Chacos.  The river was high, and there were many crossings to endure.  I ended out being of some use to others who were wearing shoes as they leaped from one slippery rock to the next.  One of the guides decided to take us under his wing anyways, and we had a great time.  We returned and Max shouted joyously to the guides ¨¡Vivimos los gringos!¨


One the way home, we drove blissfully through more red-rock canyons and got on a bus to Cordoba for the music festival in Cosquin.