The Argentinian Border

Villazon, Bolivia to La Quiaca, Argentina

The border wait was 3 long hours.  One person processing the paperwork and five people was like pulling teeth.  Once crossed we started biking to find hostels.  Pavement!!  It was glorious to be on Argentinian roads.  We hadn´t eaten all day, and Ryan had become sick though so we needed to get somewhere quickly.  We found a great place, splurged on a room with cable, and ate some steaks in this old Argentinian diner called La Fronterra.  It was evident from the furnishings that this place had been around since the 50's.  I went back later for siesta lunch and the place was packed full of locals.  Quite an awesome joint.

All in all La Quiaca was pretty mellow, but it had everything we needed and it the people were great. We were astonished at how quickly we could get things accomplished compared to Peru and Bolivia.

One highlight: Juan Carlos at the bike shop in La Quiaca. This guy was so helpful and knew his shit.  Wore a sporty jogging suit and was just a super rad guy all around.

Now time to prep for more riding.  See Ry´s La Quiaca to Abra Pampa post for the next leg of the trip.


Border Crossing

Your border crossing reminds me of the Cambodian border crossing. Highly frustrating.  Glad I was done with it.  At least I have a visa which takes up an entire page in my passport (which is now almost full after one year). Brad