Cusco In December


We stayed in Cusco for the month of December for a few big reasons:

  1. The 11,000 ft altitude is a great way to acclimate for a 3 month bike trip in the Andes
  2. Ryan needed to finish working on an IT contract so we needed to stay put.
  3. I needed to learn more than a couple phrases of Spanish and this is a great place to take Spanish classes.
  4. It´s cheap!  A place to sleep for $5 a night, and a meal for a buck and a half.  How can you go wrong?
  5. And it´s the travel epicenter of S. America ... Machu Pichu brings in hoards of people for the 4-day trek to the Incan Ruins.  Lots of opportunities to meet other travelers.

The Experience

Sure it was rainy season, tremendously cold at times, and homes typically are not heated here, so I am glad to be in warmer climates now.  But the holidays here are wonderful, the food is pretty decent, and we met  a lot of great people.  And hiking some of the ruins is pretty amazing around here as well.         

If you are thinking of going to Cusco, Dec through Feb is rainy season.  Be prepared for cold, lots of rain, and difficulty on treks.  In other words, think about going a different time of year.


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