Seven Lakes Ride - Camping at Pichi Traful Lake to San Martin de Los Andes

The second day started off warm and sunny and ended in a windy, cold rain.  We got another late start around 1pm since we did not forsee a long time riding 55 km on almost all pavement.  The day was warm and the winds calm.  All was good.  Ryan spotted some Calafate berries on the side the road so he turned into a bear and harvested for a while with dreams of making syrup for pancakes.

We started in on the last five km of ripio.  Lots of climb but the roads were much more packed and easy to climb.  We hit the asphalt in good time and cruised down the road stopping at the various viewpoints.  Unfortunately our camera batteries died so we could not capture the views and share them with you.  

About an hour or so later, the winds started to pick up and the clouds came.  Rain began to spit lightly, so we put on the raingrear and picked up the pace.  By the time we got about 20 km to our destination we were cold but doing just fine, not feeling too tired from the ride.  And then, the big climbs came, first a 2 km stretch of non-stop climb in my granny grear, and then about 4 more climbs to follow.  I had to put on my last layer (the fourth one), under my raingear to stay warm as we were higher in elevation and the winds picked up.  

Once we were at the point of full decent the rain and wind thrashed us the last 10 km all the way down the hills.  Rather than enjoying this ride, I was constantly wiggling my fingers and toes as they were starting to go numb.  Fffffreezing!  We bolted into town and found the Bike Hostel which has been a great cool house to crash for a couple days.  Below is a photo of with a Brazilian bike touring that was really cool.  One of the greatest things I will remember about him was that he made a camping stove out of soda cans and other recycled metal.  Pretty cool


Dinner - Lamb risotto and steak with some microbrews at a local restaurant.  A very hearty thick meal after a cold day.  Perrrrfect.




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