Parque Los Arrayanes Ride in Villa La Angostura

Single-track riding by tour bike is really fun! The 24 km hard-packed dirt track through Parque Naciaonal Los Arrayanes is rather easy for mountain biking and goes through some beautiful forest.   There were still some much climbs and decents and we had to portage our bikes up and down some stairs at the park entrance but we went without gear, so this was not bad at all.















The ride itself was from one end of the National Park on the peninsula and back.  Halfway through the ride we got to view a beautiful stand of the Arrayanes, the trees I mentioned in an earlier blog post that look a lot like madrones, but with orange and purple bark.  Epic trees.  We then stopped at a cafe for hot cocoa and coffee, and looked into buying return tickets by boat back to the Villa Angostura rather than backtrack.  

But they were 100 pesos...aka 25 dollar for a very short boat ride.  Argentine inflation is making everything is getting so much more expensive here!  So we headed back on bike, and were so glad we did.  We decided that the bottle of wine we had for lunch made the ride so much more enjoyable on the way back.  Loosened up the muscles a bit.  I was definitely blasting down hills a lot faster and with more ease then at the start.  We have been talking about getting mountain bikes when we get back to the States, so that we can do more single track and also different touring.  We are considering doing some future tours with mountain bikes and two sets of tires.  Slicks for asphalt, knobby ones for the gravel and dirt, so that more day excursions like this one are possible.  So much more fun to have a tour that isn't the same every day, some variety with a mix of fast highway riding and some forested dirt trails. 

Notes from the day:

Beatles and John Lennon instumental covers seemed to be playing everywhere we went....highlighted was the Andean flute rendition of Imagine.

Johnny Walker airplane liquor bottles cost 21 pesos a pop in Villa La Angostura.....aaheee, that hurts.  Hope it feels better once I drink it.

It's getting colder here now that the fall Oregon-like weather hit this region.  Low of last night.  -3 C.  Low of tonight. -1 C.  Camping should be fun!

We made a batch of mac and cheese with bits of bacon, chives, and loads of cheese.  I am extremely happy about this.

Oh, and I beat Ryan and cribbage...again! 

We set off again for the next 2 days for San Martin de Los Andes.  Mucho ripio tomorrow, and from what we hear not very easy ripio.  Going to bed early to have energy for this.




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