A few days in Bariloche

It's true that you can't deny that Bariloche is pretty commercial.  And many backpackers give is a bad rap because of this.  But the fact is that there are some pretty amazing things to do and places to stay here as well as many other ways to avoid the city center if you are the kind of traveler that does not enjoy being around tourists. Name the outdoor sport that you enjoy doing and you can probably have an amazing time doing this here.  That being said, we had a great time in Bariloche and got a balance of both hanging out in the city and getting out in some of the great outdoors around town as well. 

We splurged and stayed in hostels when we were not biking outside of town.  Hostel Pudu is a cool place to stay.  The owner is really cool, the happy hour is fantastic, and everyone we met here was very cool and interesting to talk with.  Most people we met here were from the U.S., probably because there was a swath of spring break students taking a break from their studying abroad in Buenos Aires. 

My time spent here in town was mainly shopping needed items for the ride, eating chocolate, and hanging out at the hostel.  Pretty laid back.

We also ended up going to a highly unorganized reggae and hip hop festival north of town for a night.  We needed to dance and the clubs here were pretty quiet since the slow season kicked in starting in March.  So, we gave it a shot even though we knew that it probably would not have a huge turnout of people.  Only about 200 showed up, but we met some interesting Argentinians and danced to some pretty decent dubsteb in the wee hours.  And I'm not one to usually even enjoy dubsteb, but this dj was putting out some good shit.  The next day we checked out of the festival a day earlier then planned because the hip hop events seems scattered and we were ready for showers and decent facilities.

Hopefully in Buenos Aires, we will find some good music.  I think this is possible. 

Oh, and Chocolate, very good chocolate is here and wonderful.  Mamsmushka's is the place to go.  And for the best helado we have had to date (which is impressive since we have had A LOT), we think that Rapanui on Mitre Street near the plaza is amazing.