Camping at Lago Guillelmo to Bariloche

We woke up and went to the lake to make breakfast and the temperatures were really cold. The mountains were so tall that it wasn't until almost 10am that we actually felt the sun hit our face.  We should have stayed in our tent longer that morning, as there was no way we want to pack up camp and filter water in the shaded cold.  We only had a 40 km ride ahead of us so we were not in a tremendous rush.

After packing up camp and soaking in the sun a bit, we took off again on Route 40.  The ride was again, beautiful, as we rode through the National Park and along many lakes.  The headwind was strong at times this day, which made some of the downhills a bit annoying as we needed to pedal throught them them with smaller gears than we normally would have.  Also, due to the fact that we had pushed it during the climb the day prior, my legs were pretty tired, and all hills seemed difficult.  It was an off day for me, but Ryan was doing quite well and had more energy.  I took a few more breaks and made sure to eat a lot of snacks along the way.

As we made it up the last big incline, the traffic was noticebly more hectic, with more large trucks and buses winding past.  With the headwinds make it a bit more difficult to hear all of the traffic coming from behind.  I had lost my helmet mirror so had to rely on my ears more at this point, which weren't always the best gauge of what was coming.  As we made our way into Bariloche we rode in the gravel shoulder at times just to stay out of busy traffic.  It felt good to finally get off of Route 40. 

We zipped down towards the lake where we checked-in at Hostel Pudu for our time in Bariloche.  They serve a great local home brew that is some of the best we've had so far, so I tied one on this night and chatted with some great people at the hostel. All in all, a good day, and we were ready to see what Bariloche had to offer for a few days.


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