Backpacking at Puelo Lake

Feb 25 - 28   We are still near El Bolson where we can´t get enough of the great mountains, lakes, and good food.

We did need to get away from cars and computers though. Ryan had been anchored to the laptop for a couple days and needed a break. So we decided to rent backpacks and go to Lago Puelo for a few days. If you are trying to decided which park to spent time in while in the Lakes district as there are so many, this one is great for warmer temperate nights, a beautiful, blue-green, glacial lake, and has some great beaches to hang out on and take in the sun, while viewing the glaciers in the surrounding mountains. Pretty great backpacking experience. Also, the Los Hitos hike we did along the lake was challenging and the forest is beautiful. We could have kept hiking along the Chilean Lakes for another few days but didn´t have enough time to do so.

We camped about 5 km into the woods and about 3 km from the Chilean border.  Like the hobos we are our camp was a bit ¨sucio¨. 






The following day we hiked to the Chilean side ...

and discovered a epic beach cove right along side the river that connects Lago Puelo to the Chilean Lakes across the border. These lakes are connected to the Pacific Ocean, so the fish here can get up to 15 kg, about 33 lbs. So there are many fishermen hanging out at this lake. The only motorboats allowed are only for transporting people from shore to shore and are run by 4 specific companies. So it´s very quiet and you won´t see the average watersport show.


After the dayhike-day, we spent the next day just lazily hanging out at camp and walking the shoreline. Ryan scouted some great blackberries and rockhounded all day long. It was a great relaxing time.

 On our hike back, we noticed a huge plume of orange smoke, which great into enormous flames, on the mountains along the valley which led back to El Bolson. We panicked a bit and decided to quick cross the river to get back rather than take a boat. We got back fine and nobody in the area was injured, but they had to evacuate some poeple off the mountain. Turns out the forest fire was intential, which was even worse to hear and see hundreds of hectares destroyed because of this. Today the rains came and I believe the fires are not completely out.