Earthen Structures and a CSA Farm near El Bolson

We are took a fieldtrip to a farm called Granja Valle Pintado about a week after a large earthen building conference called Biocontruyendo to view the work that had been done and check out the farm.  Thanks again Alex and all of the interns for sharing some of your precious time and food with us and allowing us to look at all the great things happening on the land.



Bioncontruyendo has been going since 2001, and this year Alex tells me there were about 150 people participating.  The farm itself is the first CSA in this area and has been going great.  While walking around, we watched people build an earth bag building that will be used for seed storage.  We also saw examples of lightstraw-clay building, cob, and some beautiful earthen oven and stoves in the kitchen.  The tiny cob house was a pretty amazing space as well, and their was beautiful plasterwork on the side of one of the newly built educational buildings as well.

Coincedentally at our campsite accomodations right near the center of El Bolson ( Refugio Patigonico )we met a family of people (Jerry, Natalie, and Collin McIntire) that were formally of Portland, and who have done some earthen building at their house in Wisconsin about an hour from where I grew up.  So we knew the many of the same people and had simlilar connections in Portland.  Jerry had also helped with set-up at the conference and had planned to go check out the projects, so we all went up there together on a dayhike.  They have been great people to hang out with since we've been here now for about a week. 


This is all so inspiring! I

This is all so inspiring! I love hearing about your adventures and will have to pick your brain when I plan my own Argentine adventures (who knows when I'll get the chance, but I'll definitely have to make it happen).

Big love!


YOU inspire

You inspire me all the time darling!  Hope you had a wonderful bday.  XOXO