Summary So Far

So after a month and a half of travel we finally started a blog....

And it´s been an interesting adventure, ups and downs,  alladat. 

The Ups: New Years in Cusco, The great travelers we´ve met, Alpaca everything! - the weavers here are amazing!, the beautiful bike routes through colorful canyons, the Incan ruins, speaking la lengua local

The Downs: Getting sick - the stomach bug from the food is pretty horendous, Ryan´s lung problems from the dry air on bike, the fun bus crash heading to La Paz, the insane headwinds in the Andes on bike.


In detail, it´s a bit of a blur but I´ll try and recap some of the juicy details

The Idea

Argentina + Bike touring = one helluva ride

The Route is in flux but more or less, we are biking through the Andes.  At this point after scaling back some, we decided that we are biking through the Northwest part of Argentina through the Northern Patagonia.  In Southern Patagonia, at the End of the Earth in Tierra Del Fuego, the wind is too fierce to be enjoyable by bike, and it would take many more weeks of hard riding to get there.  So, we cut that part out of the trip this time around.  Someday, when I´m filthy rich and have a few grand to throw down for a tour to Antartica, I will be back.

The Itinerary

  • Cusco - 1 month of December
  • Bolivia - travel through in a week.  Solar de Uyuni for a couple days
  • Argentina - bike for 3 months with some bus trips thrown in there to get to far away regions outside of the Andes.