Parque Nacional Los Alerces - Day 3: Camping Playa Frances to Camping Lago Verde

Almost missed the boat!  But we made it barely and had an awesome boat tour and hike through an Alerce old-growth rainforest.



We woke up earlier to bike 10 km to our boat tour to the old-growth forests.  And we undestimated the hills we would climb to get there and the very long hike to the boat dock.  We walked fast, and then ran since we spent some dinero for this tour and the day was perfect for the tour.  Clear, sunny, warm, perfect.


We made it road about an hour through the lakes with a stunning view of the nearby glacier and eventually docked in a rainforest ecosystem that receives about 4 meters of water annually.  The Alerce tree is pretty amazing.  It only grows about a cm in diameter every year, looks a lot like a ceder tree, and grows extremely straight because it takes so long to grow.  It is the 3rd oldest tree on the planet, with some as old as 4500 years. We saw some that were about 2000 yrs old at this park.  The rainforest in general here is lush with life.  And indeginous bamboo forest, who knew they existed in Argentina?




At camp that nght, Ryan gots some great pics of the mountain mirrored reflections from the moonlight.





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