Parque Nacional Los Alerces - Day 2: Campsite Viejo to Campsite Playa Frances

Epic Camping at Playa Frances and met some badass tandem riders.

We planned this day and many days through the park to take it slow since there was so much to see.  It rained in the morning, so this gave us an excuse to linger around camp until 2pm when it finally cleared.  We only wanted to ride about 15km anyways to the next spot. 

Roads were about the same which was good news.  We ran into another couple from England riding a tandem tour bike from Rio Gallegos in the South, up Carretera Austral through Chile, and now through the Lakes District in Argentina and Chile.  The wind in the South combined with the very rough gravel roads made Ryan and I avoid those routes and regions of Patagonia altogether, but these two were pretty bad-ass to actually be doing these on a tandem.  Wow, I was humbled.  But not envious as I think Ryan and I would kill eachother on a tandem biketrip.  Like kayaking or canoeing arguments but way worse.  Other than that the ride was pretty tame.  Lots of ups and downs on this road that prove to be difficult but so far so good.

Red Wine - The choice camping drink on a bike tour....Why?

At camp, again at a free site, we got there early and started in on the wine.  It has been our drink of choice on the bike.  Beer doesn´t keep, is heavy, and is terrible cold.  Liquor just does not stay around long enough neat.  But, red wine, on the other hand, is amazing in Argentina and cheap.  So we pack 2 full bottles in a 1.5 plastic waterbottle for about $10 and haul it around in the back panniers.  The National Parks here are different in that they have little markets every few kilometers, so you can always buy more food and booze and much as you want.  Now that just makes sense. 

That night we enjoyed the campsite view of the full moon over the lake, while listening to TM Juke on our mini stereo, drinking wine, and enjoying a fire.  It´s pretty easy to pull off an epic night of camping here at this park.



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You guys are certainly living

You guys are certainly living it up! I'm so happy things are going well and that you are taking the time to really enjoy yourselves. What an amazing experience!!!

big hugs to both of you.


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