Cosquin Music Festival and Cordoba

Now in the Cordoba region, the Cosquin music festival has been by far one of the biggest highlights of this trip so far.  While taking a bus to the festival, Max, Rebecca (from Boston), and I befriended a local Argentinian woman who had been going to this festival since she was a kid.  She invited us to join her that evening through the clubs that surround the festival with her friends that she had known through dancing excursions.  We gratefully accepted having no idea what we were in store for.

We all met up and at 1am and ate at a local restaurant. Max and I ordered vodka drinks, and got the strangest looks!  "Vodka at 1am is early!" they exclaimed.  Weird, when does this party actually start?  Well, it peaked at about 3am actually.  We went to three different peñas, which are nightclubs for live folk music performance and dancing, and all were all packed and still going when we left exhausted at 6am.  The Argentinians we were roaming around with proved to be  amazing dancers of the traditional dance, called the Chacarera.  It was stunning to witness a packed room of dancers in the hundreds simultaneously spinning and moving together.

Another high point took place when we ended up in a pena watching a well-known folk artist, and the room went off with bouncing fans speckled in a substance similar to shaving cream after the musician sprayed it into the crowd.  But this was no typical foam party.  People of all ages were up to all hours and having a great time.  The energy carried us through until sunrise, and then we decided to head back while our argentinian friends continued to dance into the day.  Argentinians are some of the friendliest people I have ever met while traveling, and we were lucky to have met such great people that night. 

Here is a clip of this dance....this is a pretty badass beach performance I found.  Usually there isn't this much electric guitar but it gives you the idea.




Party time!

That looks awesome!  I'd love to dance like that.  I feel like americans don't lift up their arms very much when they dance.  But it can be so freeing!  Please post pics of Schmeckas in skimpy dancing tops and Ryan in slick tight dancing pants.  TY.  Love to you both,  Shawn