Stealth Camping HWY 143 to Tunuyan

March 30

As we got ready to leave in the morning in our lovely sandpit, a full blown gaucho wearing the Argentine cowboy garb hovered above us atop a horse and alongside 5 dogs.  This was the sandpit's landowner. Whoops, he caught us!  Well, I played it cool, zipped up my carhartts, and told him in spanish we were bikers heading up to Mendoza and needed a place to sleep.  He smiled and said, "Oh es tranquilo, tranquilo"....which means, "No problems, no worries, it's all good".  Good, what a friendly landownership mentality here!  If this were to happen in the States I guarantee a gun would be pulled and the dogs would be ordered to bite my face off as the landowner approached the pit.  We have been pretty amazed and gracious with the relaxed culture here in that regard since we started our trip.  

The ride was easy, all downhill, and we rolled through a couple small towns, eating a large lunch at a truckstop, and then made it to Tunuyan mid-afternoon.  

After ignoring an annoying high-pressure sales experience at the Tunuyan info center in regards to some guy´s apartment rental, we found a great Hospedaje called San Luis.  The owner was super sweet and helpful, loved biking, and we rented a cute small room for only 100 pesos, a rare cheap find compared to what we have had in farther South!

We ate at a restaurant called El Almacen that evening and were pleasently surprised with the amazing food and wine we had.  We had now approached very good Mendoza wine country and it was very evident by the great selection they had.  The server was great and even gave us complimentary bubbly.



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