Ride from Tupayan to Maipu


April 2

The ride started with a great sunny view of the mountain.  This horse literally walked up to Ryan as he snapped a photo.  

Then Up up up!  And then we blasted down to the Lujan Valley, another great wine tasting area full of the much older wineries, some as old as the late 1800´s.  We didn´t stop to taste here as we had plans to do more tasting in Maipu the next couple of days.

We took an alternative  route that ran parallel on the West side of Route 40.  We had heard from nurmerous Argentine bikers that Route 40 on the outskirts of Mendoza can be a bit dangerous.  Much theft here.  Good choice for this route. Quiet, calm, and then as we rode, we found ourselves in the thick of Lujan wine valley riding on a nice bike lane.

We read from Portlanders Dave and Morgans bike blog about this organic winery in Maipu that had habitaciones, so we went there, purchased a room for the next evening, and dropped our bikes off to spend a night in the city center of Mendoza to check out the nightlife.  Thank you Dave and Morgan!  It was an excellent stay.

We ended up checking out Aristides Villanueva street in Mendoza, a boulevard lined with bar after club after lounge after bar.  It was endless and packed with locals and tourists alike.  Best cocktails we have had in Argentina so far. 



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