Rest day in Chilecito

April 15 -
The greatest part of Chilecito was going to various shops and chatting up the storeowners.  I must have gone to six different places to find everything I needed before we got back on the road, vastly different from the Walmart culture we are used to in the States that provides a one-stop shop.  Sometimes, the process is frusterating, but not here.  I had the time to pass and  encounter really sweet, warm people that were curious about what I was doing there and shared some stories about themselves as well.  My favorite experience of the day was going to a Regionales shop where after telling to owner I wanted to learn how to make beer and wine when I return home, he quickly grabbed his old cassette recorder and interviewed me my thoughts on Argentina.  What a halarious, quirky time we had.
Later that evening, Ryan and I met some Spanish bike tourers heading North up to Colombia within the next year.  The two of them were in architecture and engineering, and were teaching a university course on sustainable building practices.  So we had a lot in common on many levels and it was great to chat them up about the beginning of their bike journey.



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