Malargue Ride North to Stealth Camping on HWY 144

As we headed North Easterly out of town towards San Rafael, the headwind began to pick up from the East.  We rode a bike lane out of Malargue, which is always great to find along the way. But we did run accross this "Headless Biker" sign whic I thought might be a bad omen for the day.
Not too far out of Malargue I had one of those surreal, "Oh yeah, I'm in the middle of gaucho country" thoughts in my head as we rode past a police vehicle slowly riding along the highway making kissing and "yeea" sounds in the truck's loudspeaker in attempt to corral a few horse back onto the ranch property over the fences that had escaped from a ranch property.   It was cracking me up.  
After a while, the ride began to get tiresome from the wind and the high-desert shrubscape.  Midway through the ride we noticed that it was garlic harvest time in this regions as many trucks carrying garlic buzzed by.  We also began to see garlic that had fallen off these trucks in the road and shoulder.  So we decide to keep ourselves occupied by playing a game to see how much garlic we could collect that day.  Four heads of clean garlic... not bad.  We had to throw out a lot of damaged ones. Other random moments on this trip include riding past of about 30 rigs drilling for oil in the middle to nowhere.  
Lastly, we knew that there was no town in sight that we could stay in so we camped down off the highway in a big dried up draw tucked away from sight.  It was a great spot and a good night's sleep.  We actually talked about how this spot was actually better than some hostel stays we have had.  So hobo living wasn't so bad. The campspot also happened to be within the perimiter of the Cosmic Ray Observatory which is basically a 4500-hectare observatory dedicated to observe high cosmic rays from space that travel like a tennis ball going 50 mph from space.  Here lies one of those dectection devices called Jennifer.
It was truely amazing to see wild mushrooms growing in the middle of this dry desert region


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