Land sail Fail, some ups and downs in San Juan

April 8, Mendoza bus to San Juan
We hopped on a short busride to San Juan with hopes of going to Parque Leoncito NW for land sailing on the dry desert plains but found out that the season for land sailing in Barreal is October - March 1.  We were a month too late. Come to find out there are others areas further north near Catamarca that seem to offer land sailing year round, but we didn’t know this until we booked a trip out of the desert areas.
Instead of land sailing we hopped on another bus going North out of San Juan to the closest town South of Parque Ichigualasto and Tampalaya to view some incredible geologic landscapes.   Our bikes were already packed up in bags and bus-ready, and the next leg of biking would have been a bit flat with not much to see or do for about 4 days.  By busing just South of the Parks, we would still be able to do some riding around the parks on HWY 510, which we were looking forward to.
April 9  Day in San Juan
In the meantime, we stayed an extra day in San Juan before bussing north to the Parks.  Our day in San Juan ended up being quite an arduous day, but ended on an interesting note.  Ryan woke up with 95 bed bug bites and I with about 15.   Being that we had dealt with these in the past we now knew the drill.  We took a bunch of Benadryl and tried not to scratch any bites.  We also switched hostels after we found yet another bedbug in the new room they had moved us into.  So, with all energy we could muster, we moved to the HI-hostel in San Juan, and didn't have any bed bug related problems there.  Poor Ryan though, he didn't feel very well all day.  And the Benadryl just wears you down to the point where all you want to do is sleep.
Regardless, the day ended on an interesting and hazy note as we met some very interesting women from Humboldt County and had a rather fun time drinking wine and sharing travel and life stories.  I ultimately had a few too many, which made it difficult to sleep that night as well as making it rough on me the next and morning.  Just proves once again that I am getting old, oh so old.
April 10
So the next afternoon, we bussed out of San Juan bused to Valle de Fertile in close proximity to the parks for adventures in the rocks.



You are right ups and downs are part of live and our business too because you make profit from it. According to your business not remain at same stage every time but it change by time and conditions.