CAmping Valle Grande to San Rafael

March 27

starting to enter wine country
Another lazy day began as we knew we only needed to go 28 km downhill to San Rafael to stop there for a couple days in order for Ryan to catch up on web site work and to restock on supplies before another few days of dry, desolate riding North to Mendoza.  When this happens a big breakfast is on order.  Pancakes and eggs with Ryan's calafate berry syrup that we concocted in Patagonia.

As we zoomed out of the valley, we stopped and bought our first batched of canned goods roadside from a local farmer.  Peaches and pickled eggplant.  It was then that it dawned on us that we were now in fruit and vegetable country again.  This was a refreshing shift from the desolate cattle producing regions in the South that we had been riding through. We also biked by a few wineries, but being Sunday, none were open. Which was ok, since we had no cash left in our pockets to buy a bottle.

We biked through asada smoke early afternoon.  Ah, the holidays here bring out the bbq smell.  We landed downtown in Hotel Espana.  Old building from the 60's very well preserved with awesome details in the architecture and down to the old original shower curtains.  And very cheap for a hotel, cheaper than our mediocre hostel in Malargue, so we couldn't pass this up.



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