Last day of Riding: Stealth Camping on Route 60 to Belen

April 20th
Approx 100 km
In bed at midnight and up at 7:30.
We got back on the road headed North on Route 40.  At this point, the goal of the day was to get to Londres, about 80km away, to visit some Incan ruins and see some hot

Fiambala Playing in Hot Springs, Grapes, and the Dunes


These cascades connected each pool at the hot springs

April 18th

50 something km

The Ride to Fiambala Day 2: Camping at El Potrerillos village to Camping at Fiambala hot springs

April 17 –
The idea of soaking in the termas during the full moon was the ultimate carrot for us to get to Fiambala that day.  Looks like we were in for another 100-plus km day.  We also knew there was at least 15km of ripio ahead but weren't exactly sure what condition it was in.  Let the adventure begin!
We started riding day at 11:30am because we had to switch out my tire with the spare.  Finally, the very old front tire on my Trek started to bulge out with a weakened side wall.

The Ride to Fiambala Day 1: Chilecito to El Potrerillo soccer court stealth camp

April 16 -
104.2 km
This bike trip through the valley leading up to Fiambala was one of our favorites in Argentina.  The valley is gorgeous and full of farms, friendly people, and warm sunshine.  The elevation gain was large, but gradual and easy.  And its always great to be off the gringo trail. 
Initially, after we road out of Chilecito and headed North onto Route 40, we found it to be a bit mundane and trashed along the roadside.  It was evident there was some sort of makeshift landfill created here, and small inci

Rest day in Chilecito

April 15 -
The greatest part of Chilecito was going to various shops and chatting up the storeowners.  I must have gone to six different places to find everything I needed before we got back on the road, vastly different from the Walmart culture we are used to in the States that provides a one-stop shop.  Sometimes, the process is frusterating, but not here.  I had the time to pass and  encounter really sweet, warm people that were curious about what I was doing there and shared some stories about themselves as well.  My favorite experie

Cuesta de Miranda to Chilecito

April 14
The Ciclovia roadside gym near Chilecito
The ride this day was filled with the final few kilometers of the canyon, and followed a long stretch of downhill riding into Chilecito, a town of about pop.

Villa Union to Camping at Cuesta de Miranda

April 13
We woke up a bit tired and exhausted from lack of sleep after the bug hunt,
The bike helmet really brings out the Firestarter video look for Ryan
but we had to get on the road early as we had a really big climb ahead of us and a big stretch of ripio over the Miranda pass.   This turned out to be one of those days that goes down as one of better riding experiences we've had in Argentina.

Parque Talampaya to Villa Union

April 12
The next plan of attack on bikes was heading North along Route 40 until we were ready to get off the bikes and head to Buenos Aires.  The Northwest desert-like region of Argentina had been a great place to bike in the fall.  Never a bad weather day up here and everything and everyone are very tranquilo. 
During the morning at Campy Talampaya, we got a late start as we had to reassemble our bikes and fix my pinhole flat.  Stupid thorny goat heads wreak havoc on the bike tourer in this region.  They are seed pod covered

Checking out Park Ichigualasto, Valley of the Moon, and Parque Talampaya

April 11
Ryan's Herculean strength
As we arrived in the town Valle Fertile, the closest south of the Parks, our mission to find a tour company to take us there and drop us off with all of our gear was quickly accomplished.  We stayed at the Eco Hostel that wasn't at all "eco" in Valle Fertile, but rooms were cheap and we met other cool people from the hostel that were going with us on th
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